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How Pet Odors Might Impact Your Home

Pet owners have special challenges when selling their home. Eliminating bad odors from your home is a must at the top of your to do list. Make sure you remove any smells before putting your house on the market. If you aren't sure, seek outside opinions. The very first days on the market are crucial for a home because it gets maximum exposure as a new listing. The smell is usually the first thing that sets the tone. It's the buyer's very 1st impression that sets a tone for the entire experience they have throughout the home. If there is an odor, it will instantly give a negative impression. It can shift the focal point in the wrong direction. No matter how beautiful a home is, or how well it's presented, it is a deal breaker for most. Note that extremely heavy or strong odors can make your home very unappealing to prospective buyers.

Opening windows alone isn't going to remove foul odors.

To ensure you don't turn potential buyers off for good, follow these odor eliminating tips to ensure your home smells and feels fresh.

Avoid Toxic Artificial Fragrance Sprays

Deodorizers quickly fade, and only mask smells. The combination can create an even more unpleasant effect. For example, your air freshener can cause an allergic reaction, or asthma attacks. Irritating after effects such as a runny nose or headache may follow too. Try to locate the source of the odor and correct it.

Carpet Cleaning With Pets

Our furry friends need some extra help staying fresh which can help keep things under control. Outdoor pets bring in extra dirt,smells and debris with them. Smells and yuck can get on the carpet and flooring, furniture, or in your bedrooms. The most pungent stem from potty accidents on carpets or rugs. A professional carpet cleaner can sanitize the carpets to remove the odor source. Materials such as carpets really should be deep cleaned to get out bacteria. That is the source of a smell which is problematic, because urine soaks into the padding. If you have accidents in between professional cleaning, apply an enzyme cleaner. That will eat the bacteria which is the root cause of stubborn odors.

Green Cleaning Alternatives

Using natural odor control products is a great alternative to toxic chemical products. One of the most economical and effective products is baking soda. You can sprinkle it in carpets and vacuum thoroughly or you can place a large open box in rooms to help absorb unwanted smells without chemicals. It's always best to call a professional carpet cleaner with heavy duty equipment for maximum results.

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